As young professionals balancing heavy workloads, workouts and social lives, Eric and Alex recognized the need for a go-to, ready-to-drink beverage that was more hydrating and healthier than the typical options available on grocery store shelves. They realized there was no product on the market that truly replenished and revitalized their bodies after an intense workout or night out, except for a well-known children’s rehydration drink. So, they decided to make their own “recovery drink” – specifically for grownups that work hard, play hard and needed to recover fast. The result is a scientifically-based, effective functional water-based drink that has the helpful things you need – like electrolytes and B-vitamins, but none of the things you don’t, like too much sugar, calories, artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. The next time dehydration knocks you down, get back up with Rally.


Retailers, distributors and investors can contact Rally at info@drinkrally.com.