Adults Rally On With New Recovery Drink

Rally helps adults who work and play hard, recover fast.


Houston, TX – January 23, 2018. Rally was created from the need of a more hydrating and healthier go-to, ready-to drink recovery beverage. Company co-founders Eric Boss (President) and Alex Barit (Vice President) asked themselves, “How can I feel better than I do right now?” As they tried to answer, they realized there was no product on the market that replenished and revitalized their bodies after an intense workout better than a kids rehydration drink. So they made their own, one specifically for grownups who need to recover fast.

Rally was the result. It’s a science-based, effective and functional rehydration beverage that contains everything the body needs for recovery and nothing it doesn’t. The beverage boasts B-vitamins, more electrolytes than leading sports drinks and twice the potassium of a banana. Rally is free of artificial colors, flavors and preservatives with only 60 calories and 10 grams of sugar per bottle.

According to a Nutrition Information Center study, the average American is chronically dehydrated from underconsumption of water. Exercise, heat and outdoors, travel, work, illness and playing sports or doing an intense activity are all culprits that can dehydrate the body and use up electrolyte reserves that power it.

“We saw an opportunity to shake up the norm. We believed the hype–that traditional, well-known sports drinks were helping us get rehydrated–but we were wrong,” Boss and Barit said, “Rally is going to give you more of what you need with real functionality and less sugar.”

Rally comes in four great tasting and well-curated flavors–tangerine, raspberry grape, fruit punch and lemon lime– and is currently available in select retailers and on Amazon. The website has both “near me” and “buy now” features to help customers find and get their hands on the product.

The company plans to be distributed in stores across the U.S. and multiple countries around the world in the next five years. For more information about how you can become a retailer, distributor or investor, visit or email For additional updates and insights follow Rally on social media.

Rally is a go-to, ready-to-drink recovery and rehydration beverage made for adults who work and play hard. Its supercharged formula has all the electrolytes and B-vitamins you need without the extra sugar and calories. For more information visit, find Drink Rally on Facebook or @rallydrink on Twitter and Instagram. Because when life hits you hard, you Rally.

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