Kicked off a Typical Weekend With Rally: Here’s How it Went

It’s 2018, and like nearly everyone else on the planet, I’ve resolved to do better this year.

I let my fitness and weight get a bit away from me before the holidays even started, so I didn’t wait until New Year’s Day to get to work. My weight topped out (at my heaviest since being pregnant) just after Thanksgiving, so I put a pretty strict workout and nutrition regimen in place to help me avoid adding any extra weight, but with enough leniency to enjoy the company (and food) around me.

I’m a big fan of barre workouts and my local studio launched an “All In” January reset starting Monday, January 1st–and, man, I was all in. The goal was to stay active (workout) five times a week, eat a healthy and balanced diet and to focus inward (for mental health and balance). After all the carbs and sweets from the holidays, I was ready to dust myself off and go hard…well rally, so to speak.

I knew the work I’d be doing would be tough and that my body would need help recovering since I wasn’t taking a rest day in between each workout. I also knew water wasn’t going to cut it on its own and that I couldn’t risk or spare the calories required by consuming sugary, high-sodium filled drink…so I was thrilled to get my hands on a rehydration and recovery beverage called Rally and planned to go “all in” with the beverage for a weekend full of workouts.

What is Rally?

In case you don’t know, Rally was designed by these two guys who were tired of all the sugary beverages on supermarket shelves and felt silly buying a children’s electrolyte beverage to help them recover. So they set out to create a low calorie, low sugar drink that was full of electrolytes and B-vitamins.

The Rally Weekend

My fitness regimen for my Rally weekend was to consist of barre, yoga and running.

*Friday Workout: Barre Class

If you’ve never taken barre, it’s a low impact workout that combines movements from ballet, pilates and yoga. It’s tough because it incorporates a lot of sustained isometric holds and high repetition of tiny movements. Some of my classmates are able to maintain a nice, glistening amount of sweat…but not me. I never make it through a whole class without sweating profusely and completely chugging one or two beverages. Most of the time I take a water supplemented with electrolyte and super greens powders and an all-natural energy shot. It does the job, but gives me incredible heartburn while being laden with carbohydrates and calories. I took my first barre class of the year as an opportunity to Rally.

It was a great class led by an instructor who really pushed me. She’s a personal trainer who also teaches spin and HIIT-workout classes, so she’s highly intense. Rally helped me through. The taste was great and super refreshing. It helped me feel well-powered and nourished too. I utilized Fruit Punch for class and Raspberry Grape to help keep me energized the rest of the day.

*Saturday Workout: Yoga Class

My next excuse to Rally was a yoga class. Typically, I view yoga as a recovery workout. I always sign up thinking it will be a great way to recover from a tough workout, but I’m always surprised how hard it is. Especially since this class was a “warm” yoga class…not 95 degrees like hot yoga, but pretty warm in the studio. Rally helped me replenish all the sweat I lost doing those slow, structures movements in a warm setting.

Though I didn’t drink a ton during my actuals workout, I completely downed a bottle of Lemon Lime when it was over. My body was craving everything Rally had to offer!

*Sunday Workout: 5k Run

I was pretty pleased with what Rally had given me thus far and I was ready to hit the road with it for my first 5k run of the year, but germs had a different plan. I was hit by the flu instead.

No worries though, because this is another reason the brilliant minds behind Rally created it. It is, at its very core, a recovery beverage. So while I’d normally be drinking another sports beverage or a child’s hydration beverage…Rally gave me everything I needed for a speedy recovery. Combines with my doctor-prescribed, over-the-counter and holistic medications, Rally helped me get to feeling better by Thursday afternoon. I gave myself the rest of the week (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) to recover completely, using Rally to nudge me back in the right direction.













Thanks to this incredible beverage, by Monday I was up ready to Rally on and catch up on a missed workout!

Overall, I would say the slogan is no joke…if you’re an adult who works hard and plays hard (or gets knocked down by the flu)… get your hands on this Rally drink. It will help you “recover faster!” This weekend Rally kickoff to my workout routine and New Year’s goals is not something I’m willing to give up on. As dedicated as I am, I hope you too can Rally to find your way to meet your goals–whatever they may be. If to be more active, spend more time outdoors, or travel more, there’s no reason why Rally can’t be there throughout your journey.

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