What is Rally?

Rally is an electrolyte beverage designed for athletes — from students to amateurs to professionals — and their trainers. Rally is designed to help athletes — including football players, runners, cyclists, CrossFit enthusiasts and more — achieve their top physical performance and aid in quick recovery.


Why do you need Rally?

Dehydration affects physical and mental performance, and Rally helps athletes rehydrate with more electrolytes than current sports drinks and more enhanced vitamins than the common pediatric electrolyte formula currently utilized within this community. With added Vitamin B and A and more potassium than two bananas in each 20 oz. bottle, this functional formula serves its purpose as an advanced rehydration drink.


Why is Rally the best option?

Rally contains no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives, and will now contain stevia, making this formula the front-runner in healthy hydration.

Why do you need to rehydrate?

When you think of dehydration, you automatically think of an exhausted athlete. But there are many reasons you could get dehydrated… and Rally is the best way to rehydrate, replenish and recover!

Heat & Outdoors

Activities under the sun make you sweat more than you realize, even in cold climates.


Air travel causes dehydration due to the lack of humidity on air planes, which is 10-20% compared to typical indoor humidity of 30-65%.


During many hours of non-stop focus, many people forget to keep hydrated.


Fevers and other illnesses can dangerously dehydrate your body.

Sports & Exercise

High-intensity activity makes you sweat, using up your water reserves and the electrolytes that power your body.